Consultancy and management


Consultancy international Trade:

Any destination, any origin… Our mission: To aid our customers.

International Trade is an open door to business expansion. No company should limit its growth in this day and age. Globalisation offers new customers all around the world, together with new suppliers. We believe having a good partner is the key to success in this adventure.

We offers its help with a true commitment to the service it provides, making your concerns or needs our own, always providing the most sincere, appropriate, honest and prudent advice and management your needs may require.


Certificates and licences:

Having properly-managed licences or permits on time avoids commercial problems.

Trade procedures affect all Foreign Trade operations. Adapting trade procedures and licences is basic for optimal Foreign Trade operations.

Our responsibility consists in working beyond the simple request. We manage all types of licence, dealing with guarantee deposits, licence use control, its completion before the Ministry or Authority in charge, and the recovery of the guarantee.

  • Improvement Authorisations (Active and Passive).
  • AGREX export certificates.
  • AGRIM import certificates.
  • Previous import notification.
  • Administrative authorisations.
  • Surveillance documents.
  • MA Authorisations (Morocco).
  • EUR-1 and Certificates of origin.
  • Animal health, veterinary and SOIVRE certificates.
  • Etc.



Our service will allow you to keep up-to- date on the quotas that may be of your interest.

Many products can be imported in the EU with important advantages regarding customs duties. These imports are subjected to quotas made available fairly regularly and accessed by means of presenting requests and AGRIM import certificates within specific periods of time.

Our service will allow you to keep up-to- date on the publication of each quota that may be of your interest. We study your needs and operations to find the best option for your company.

Constant quota follow-up could allow for reaching the greatest efficiency in each of your operations.


Legalisations and Visas:

Our aim: To avoid time wasted and to minimise costs.

International Trade often requires export documentation to receive visas from the Consulates or Embassies of the destination country. These processes are complicated, slow and costly. Our service aims to avoid time wasted and to minimise the costs, avoiding delays in the dispatch of documents which, in turn, may result in delays in charging export operations.