Raw materials


We are currently one of the main suppliers of international sugar using several customs tools.

With the experience that gives us more than 20 years in the sector, we supply directly from different origins with the guarantee of the best quality.

We are focus to a large part of the agri-food industry that consumes sugar. As we are aware of the importance of having a supply in time and form, we have warehouses with permanent stocks that allows us to meet any customer need at any time.

Oil Palm

For a long time we have verified there is a significant lack of alternatives due to the absence of competitive and reliable supplier.

Following our company philosophy of giving service and due of the idea to continue increasing our capacity to attend the needs of our customers, for more than 10 years and with the support that gives us one of the largest producers and refiners of vegetable fats in Europe, as their agent in Spain, we offer the supply of this kind of raw materials essential for the foodstuff  industry.


Due of the high demand from customers and their needs, we set out to expand our service and for more than a year, we have expanded our capacity to supply other raw materials.

Complementing our sugar offer, we are able to serve the supply of cocoa fruit in all its forms, cocoa beans, powder, butter, liquor or pasta.

As with sugar, we handle different origins according to the needs or convenience of the buyer.