Customs services

The correct customs management can mean the success of a commercial idea.

We offer Customs Clearance management, both for Imports and Exports, at any Spanish Customs. Our aim is to get involved in studying the operation and make use of all the tools offered by the Customs Legislation in order to reduce expenses and make your products more competitive both in the internal market and the international market.

We deal with all kinds of clearance under any Customs Procedures:

  • Inward Processing Relief (IPR) Clearance.
  • Passive Improvement Procedures (RPP) Clearance.
  • Temporary Imports and Exports.
  • Movements between Customs Warehouses and Free Zone.
  • Customs Warehouses becoming part of the Procedures.
  • External and internal transit.
  • Other customs destinations.
  • Free Zones.
  • Transformation under Customs Control.
  • Specific Provision Procedures, REA (The Canary Islands).

We are not limited to dealing with administrative tasks but also defend your interests before Customs, acting as an intermediary and operating with the highest quality standards with regard to Customs Clearance.